Why you should not buy Instagram followers

Who does not want to have millions of followers  on Instagram? Whether it’s about making money or just caressing your own ego. The more followers, the better.

yes nd, the number of your followers is definitely one of the factors that determine your influence. But should you really Buy Instagram Followers to grow “fast and effortless”?

Why many followers are cool?

What is so enticing about high follower numbers? Why are many people willing to do anything for it?

Great coverage:

That’s actually very clear. The more people you follow on Instagram, the more people you can reach with your posts. And the more people you can reach, the more potential customers you can sell your or advertised products. Your reach is crucial. Whether you want to increase profits in your own business, or whether you want to complete lucrative brand deals.

Great celebrity:

The more fans you have, the more famous you are. And each one of us carries at least a small part of us who wants to become a star. Each of us feels flattered when he / she has real fans. We feel meaningful when there is someone out there who is actually interested in us, our lives and what we do. As a result, our ego lives a fulfilled and contented life.

Social proof:

We tend to like things that many others like. Even if it’s not necessarily good things. Our psyche works just like that.

A high number of followers makes it easier to attract more enthusiastic followers. If you already have over 10,000 followers, people are more likely to click on the Follow button. And when it’s only 392, the hurdle is much higher. Many followers are proof to people that it’s worth following.

For these reasons, many wish a high number of followers. And they are all good reasons.

What does that mean to buy followers? And how can you do that?

How can you buy Instagram followers?

In addition to organic growth, there are several other, more or less legal ways to increase your follower number. That all of these methods work faster and easier than organic growth makes them so appealing. But whether they really make sense is another question:

Gray’s methods include Instagram Engagement Groups and Instagram Automation (use of bots *). Both are forbidden by buy real instagram followers. There is a lot of discussion about whether it is really so bad to help with bots and engagement groups. After all, these two methods are still based on interpersonal interaction. And although no one likes to admit, they all use (at least all the big ones).

Buying Instagram Follower is an absolute no-go . Both from Instagram’s page, as well as from your fans and cooperation partners.

To buy Instagram followers, simply go to one of these providers’ websites, connect to their service, and pay for the number of new followers you want. Finished. It is not even really expensive. You can already buy 100 followers for 5-10 €.

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