9 tips to get real followers on Instagram

  1. Watch your instagram

Whether you dedicate yourself to photography, lifestyle or humor, always take care of the content you upload, it’s your brand so buy instagram comments fast. Remember that you can go partying and not upload anything after 4 in the morning. It is possible, try it.


  1. Transfer of followers

If you have other Facebook, YouTube or Twitter accounts do not be afraid to promote your Instagram from them. In the end, it’s about your networks and your own content. Be imaginative, I once said on Facebook that the first 100 people who followed me on Instagram would receive a personalized insult. 4,000 followed me in a few hours, I got tired of insulting.


  1. Collaborations

If you have acquaintances with accounts related to yours, collaborate in its content, tagging each other in the publications you can exchange your community. But that is content similar to yours, you are not useful followers of a catfish fishing account if you make cupcakes.


  1. Stories

Take care of the stories, currently the most viewed part of your account, alternate between video and photo and leave thinking about retiring those boomerangs so annoying that they do not contribute anything. If you tell a story in 3/5 videos, you will generate fidelity.


  1. Direct messages

Use the stories to remember that you have open DMs and upload captures of conversations with your followers. This generates community and encourages the flow of responses.


  1. Create your own hashtag

Publications full of hashtags denote a need to have followers and that is not good. Always use a couple of them created by you; originals and that people to click on them see publications related to you.


  1. Share stories

Ingéniatelas to launch in stories any open question or a phrase that can be used as a meme and ask your followers to throw them to their contacts reaching new accounts. This is done with the paper plane below on the right.


  1. Label your friends who.

Although it is the shabbiest in the world, surprisingly this is still working in 2018. Take a turn and look for the interaction of your followers in a more original way, ask them questions that fit your content and have a little more self-love.


  1. Advertising

If the time has come to advertise, something very lawful, try to make the brand let you do it your style , do not do anything you’re not comfortable with. It is useless to take care of your publications with humor or warmth if you make an advertisement in which you look like a robot. If you do not want your followers to run away, take care of these little details.

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