9 keys to succeed on Instagram

One of the social networks stars of the moment (with more than 500 million monthly users), and the one that generates more movement on the rest is undoubtedly Instagram. We are sure that you follow the majority of people that you admire, and that you love having them located at every moment and see their pictures every day.

But there is a question with a difficult answer, how can you succeed and amass followers in this social network?

Although a priori it seems impossible mission that your account can stand out among so many profiles, there are several tips that can help you to have a more careful feed and people to stick to your publications buy instagram followers buyiglikes.

  1. – Find a short and easy name

Avoid long names, with numbers or punctuation marks. The simpler and easier to memorize, the better.


  1. – Upload clear and concise photos

People are not going to stand for more than two seconds to see what you are uploading, so try to make sure your photos do not have too many elements that are difficult to distinguish. Remember that your followers will see them from a smartphone and the size of the display will depend on the dimensions of the screen.


  1. Do not abuse the selfies

Instagram is the container of selfies, but you do not need to be saturated with them either. We all love that we raise our ego and tell us how beautiful we are, but upload a picture of some landscape or your pets (or something that is not you) from time to time.


  1. – Teach what you are good at

Are you an illustrator, photographer or do you have extraordinary meals? Take advantage and upload all those works of art of which you are so proud and sure that more than one will hallucinate.


  1. – Think before making the photo

Take a few seconds before uploading a photo, do not do it impulsively. It is possible that that photo that at the time seemed the best idea in the world becomes a full-blown mistake.


  1. – Use complementary apps

Use applications of the VSCO Cam type to edit the photos and give them a more pleasant appearance. People love to see pretty pictures with a good color filter and they sure give you a few likes.


  1. – Take care of the copys

Do not put too long or complicated texts. You can also try and see which photos of your account are the ones that you like the most. As easy as observing which photos have more likes, and try to follow that line.


  1. – Take care of your feed

To make the whole of your feed look amazing, the coherence between each of the photos is important. Try to follow a line of publications (either in color, filter, theme …) so that users can discover at a glance what your account is about and follow you.


  1. – Use hashtags and take advantage of the locations.

The hashtags are the key to publicize your account. Research the most recurrent associated with the subject of your photographs so they can find you, but WATCH! Do not abuse them or use hashtags that have no relation, because it can turn against you. If you go to an event or concert and publish a photo do not forget to add your location so that other attendees can see them.

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